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Is telehealth confidential?

Telehelath counseling is covered under HIPAA, and confidentiality is enforced.  Please note a secure space and network will be necessary on the client end to endure confidentiality.  As with any counseling experience, there are exceptions to confidentiality as Kim is a mandated reporter.  Confidentiality and informed consent will be explained during intake, and all your concerns and questions will be addressed prior to the start of the therapeutic process. 

How do I know if telehealth is right for me?

Prior to accepting you as a client, an in-depth intake will be conducted to confirm telehealth is an acceptable form of treatment for your specific concerns. Once that is established, a test session will be scheduled for you to have an opportunity to see wecounsel.com in action.  wecounsel.com is an easy, secure, confidential and an excellant option for many clients! 

Is telehealth just as effective as traditional in office sessions?

The Center for Connected Health Policy, The National Telehealth Policy Resource Center has published the Telemental Health Research Catalogue in August 2018, and can be accessed via their website @ www.cchpca.org. Essentially, telemental health is as effective and in some studies shows more effective as traditional office settings. Telehealth offers greater access to care and provide the clients more flexibility in scheduling sessions.

Is telehealth covered by my insurance?

Over 30 states have passed legislation that allows telehealth to be a covered form of treatment. Prior to beginning treatment, your insurance will be verified to determine your coverage.